Translation & SEO Writing 

Translation & SEO Writing

for your international webpages

Welcome to J-Biz

J-Biz is a Switzerland-based company assisting companies in the food industry and fashion around the world on an Online basis. Also, All industries bring to business locally in Japan. J-Biz has many great options that you need for your blogging, e-commerce, and Social Media. We help clients in several areas.

We do offer Translate
From English to German, French , Japanese, Russian, Romanian, Arabic.
From German to English , French , Japanese, Russian , Romanian, Arabic.
From Japanese to all above languages.

Very reasonable and easy to understanding that We charge translation work per character in changed language. 

We do offer in Japanese, English , Rumanian.SEO contents writing can be added as option on based plan.

Other Operation

The menu offers an example of variety services. A also the site construction or renewal with a popular interface which is often recently used such as UXUI in site construction.

Site Package Sample Menu

Change and create your web

Renewal or create your site to multilingual
3 pages simple site renewal with 3 language.
SEO re-writing/writing
Translating will be charged per word.


Total Renewal

Renewal or Create your site to multilingual from construction
5 pages for site renewal with 3 language.
SEO re-writing/writing
Translating will be charged per word.

3500.00 CHF

Site check before Order

Site check for before you renewal

Is there any problem on your site?
Lets’ us check your site before spending more time and cost.


Our Team

Nao Nakagawa

Taking advantage of her experience of changing his career from the fashion industry @ WWD to the IT industry.

– Corporate site production


– WEB production that is conscious of the purpose and results


Lefter Nora


– Specialized in topics such as mental health, psychology, fashion and beauty

– SEO specialist for East Europa

– Article writing in EN , RU

Limi Bolomier 
(Limi Arai)

CEO @ J-Biz Ltd lab.Co

Asma Ghuidhaoui

Writer & Translator

Multi-talented creative as well as an experienced Writer.Able to deliver a high quality service and support my client’s vision.

– Creative Recipe Cookbook writer
– Diet writer
– Blog writer
– Non fiction and fiction writer
– Translation EN-FR- En-AR
– Arabic children book writer
– Biorgaphy writer

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