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Stone Samples

  Easy Order and Consulting Why not just talk to us in your mind. Imagination can also help your happiness. Just imagine ” Your original ” or ” IF you can do that on your...

Original Order

Tell us your willing size and stone for your Home. Choose your dream stones from our Stone Samples. You can resize in your favor. Get in touch with us for your dream stones.    ...


It will be taking over all your generation to generation with your precious stones. You may feel “I want to have bigger “, “I want to have something like this” at least once. This theme is also popular in the fashion industry subject of Feng Shui.

Feeling comfortable, seeing it satisfied, having feeling happy that you may get. Let us hear your small voice and make it happen. ※ Owner can speak Japanese. If you are located in Japan, Feel free to contact us in Japanese.

The concept is ” Originality ” and ” Narrative “.

You will have original order goods and it may only you have on the world indeed. And It good to have them with you at your home as they are potent supporters in your life. Not only offers comfort to human beings, but We also protect the earth not to abandon the cartons and bubbles. Clients receive goods Sustainably recycle cartons and bubbles.

You will select from the stones we offer and tell us your dynamic Originality. It can be a side table, Plate, Bawl for your meal, and Decor at your home. We understand it will be the high cost of the charge to deliver to your door. Our Online shop offers delivery free charge. Products on the Online shop can be ready to deliver 2 to10 days.
If you are interested in our product for your shop or Hotel, Restaurant, Photoshooting, event, please let us know via Contact or Order samples here, If you need to get samples.